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1.What is the role of the Rules Committee?

The Rules Committee produces rules for indoor and outdoor hockey by:

  • Specifying the current rules and working to ensure they are interpreted and applied consistently and fairly at all levels
  • Providing advice to umpires and other technical officials about rules
  • Developing the rules while retaining the game’s characteristics
  • Aiming to make the game even safer and easier to understand
  • Conducting trials and promoting rules changes
  • Contributing to the development of the game including the development of equipment and new formats
2. Why is the Rules Committee always changing the rules?

To keep up with technical advances such as synthetic playing surfaces, player fitness, stick manufacturing and coaching tactics etc.

To address safety issues. For example, thirty years ago goalkeepers did not wear helmets.

To insure that hockey stays a popular sport throughout the world and make it an attractive game to watch and to play.

3. What are rules "trials"?

When the Rules Committee considers a substantial rules change it will first encourage National Associations to try the proposed change voluntarily in various matches and report the results. The Rules Committee may then introduce a mandatory experiment.

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